Thursday, April 21, 2011

Berry Cheesecake!

Well not actually....although now that I type that out, cheesecake sounds fricking amazing right now! But I'm actually referring to a scented wax cube.  I don't typically endorse products unless I am completely in love with them. And I am in love with this:
This is my new wax melter/warmer thingy! I bought it at Wal-Mart the other day. Its made by Better Homes and Gardens. I was shopping for a device just like this. I went to a friend's house and she had these wax melters and her entire house smelled soooo yummy. So I asked her about them.  They were very similar to this one, but she bought them through a candle company called Scentsy (they do those parties and stuff out here in Cali, its like PartyLite on the east coast). So I decided I had to have it! I spend so much money on burning candles everyday because I want my house to smell good all the time. But its a hassle because I have to make sure I blow out the candles before I leave, and I hate the way a blown out candle smells. So I thought this was perfect. However, when I looked up the price on the Scentsy website, I was shocked. $30 for one of these! Not to mention $15 for a pack of 6 wax cubes. I'm not paying $15 for a scent that I can't even smell before I buy.  I have a pretty sensitive sense of smell right now, I'm not risking getting something that will make me feel like vomiting all day, and oh spending $15 plus shipping on it. So I decided to shop around. And its a good thing I did! So I was wandering around Wal-Mart and found this. This wax melter only cost me $15! When I saw the price, I thought, "it must be cheapy, plastic or something." No! Its ceramic.  The heat source is actually a light bulb. So I can leave it on when I leave the house, or at night. But if I do want to turn it off I just have to click a switch on the cord.  Here are the wax cubes I bought (also at Wal-Mart) to go with it:

These only cost $2!! And they smell soooooo good! There were only about 6 scents to choose from, and me being pretty picky only liked this one. But I really LOVE the way this smells! I smell it all day long, I can smell it from the hall way, and I only use one cube! (there's two missing because I bought two wax melters....the other is in the bedroom) I smell it as soon as I walk in the house, every time I walk in the house. So far one cube has lasted me about 3 days. I'm thinking I'll have to put in a new cube once a week.  But thats not so bad considering its $2 for 6. So when you want to put in a new cube or a new scent all you have to do is lift the tray off the bottom and pour it out! You can either pour it back in the cartridge if you weren't finished burning it, or you can just pour it in the trash.  How easy is that?! Now I'm probably pretty behind on this cool contraption, and you guys have probably all known about them for like ever. But I've been so pleased with my $17 purchase, that I had to share with you guys.


  1. I have a little one like this, but mine operates off a small tea candle to melt the cube. I also hate the smell of snuffed out candle so one that uses a light bulb would be perfect for me. I have tons of cubes that I got at a specialty store a few years ago. My favorite flavors are sunflower and berry mellon. You can get the cubes at target, too. Sometimes you'll find them on clearance.

  2. I have some Scentsy cubes and plug in warmer, but I've really wanted a warmer like yours. I wonder if the one from Walmart would be compatiable with the Scentsy products. It's just a warmer right??