Friday, April 22, 2011

Steak and Ice Cream

Steak and Ice Cream for my hubby (click that!) are honestly his two favorite things. Now I have taken this deployment pretty good I'd like to think. Mainly because I have been extremely distracted by this growing human in my tummy. I kinda turned around one day and realized, "oh crap, William is going to be home in like 2 weeks! I got a lot of stuff to do!" So I've read a lot of the articles on the things that my husband's battalion and company are doing, and though they are typically very dangerous, it never worries or scares me or even makes me sad.  He's doing his job, its interesting to see what he's accomplished. If anything it makes me very proud of him. So when I came across this article I was taken off guard. I was pouring tears! My husband LOVES ice cream:
our weekly DQ treats

 And to read how hard this company worked to get him some steak and ice cream made me so thankful! He is on a mission right now, so he hasn't had any hot chow (or a shower) for almost 2 months (its been a looooonnnnggg mission), its just been MRE's and some snacks I sent him in his last package. His mission has taken place in one of the more remote areas like the article talks about it. Its not exactly a safe road out there, so to hear that they went through all that trouble just to cook for them really makes me feel overwhelmed with emotion. :) The article specifically mentions my hubby's battalion, and even his company, so I know he got to have some of the yummy food. I just hope he had a medium rare steak for me! Cuz I sure do miss my rare steaks.

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  1. This story is so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes too. I bet you just can't wait to get that hubby of yours home soon so you can cook him more steak!