Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nursing School, I'm back!

Well, sorta. But I'm a lot closer than I thought I was about a week ago. If you haven't been following, this transfer into the nursing program at Copper Mountain College has been a little more than trying. I decided to transfer from the University of Memphis instead of staying to graduate because I wanted to spend as much time with the husband before he deployed to Afghanistan. While the move and the time spent with my husband all worked out perfectly, my transfer to nursing school didn't seem to be.  I initially got denied due to a clerical error, and then lastly was put on a waitlist because they took too long to tell me there was a general psychology class I needed to take before I could jump into their nursing program. This was very frustrating because I was already half way through the program at Memphis which is a way more intense program than the community college I'm trying to get into.  Not to mention, I've taken and passed nursing psychology and its clinical counterpart and 3 gen ed psych classes. But none of them are equivalent to this "developmental psychology" class apparently. Oh well, so I try to register for the class, but the lady emailed me about it too late. She didn't tell me I needed to take this class until a week before registration was over. They only offer 2 courses, and they were both full for the semester. So I got waitlisted. And needless to say I was feeling like this nursing thing just might not work out while we are stationed here in 29 Palms.
I woke up yesterday after a night of throwing up (crazy stomach virus that has pretty much annihilated the entire base) and I was reading my email. I came across one that I really had expected to get a month ago. When I didn't, I thought that it was over until fall. So I was quite surprised (and then immediately panicked) when I read the email from CMC saying that I made it into the dev. psych class but that I had to go up there that day to register if I wanted to keep my seat. "Ahhhhh!!!" was pretty much what was going through my head. This has to be some kind of test from God. Nothing about nursing school has ever been easy, so of course neither is my transfer. So, I got up (slowly), ate 4 unsalted tops saltines, drank some bottled water, got the animals fed, rested on the couch for a minute, put on some clothes (base appropriate...if I was in Memphis I would have totally left the house in my sweats) and headed to the CMC office on base (all that took me about an hour and a tummy wasn't losing its food anymore, but it still wasn't happy). There was absolutely nowhere to park. So I must've driven around the block about 6 times waiting for a spot to open up (and contemplated about 50 times just going home and saying screw it). My husband's battalion office is right across the street from the CMC office, so I was really considering just parking in the Battalion Commanding Officer's spot (he's not here, he's in Afghanistan!) but I didnt, the last thing I need is to have our Family Readiness Officer get on to me. Luckily a spot in front of the CMC office opened up and I didn't have to take any of the command's parking places. Anyway, long story short, I am officially registered for the class! I start next week, and I'm all set to be back on my original path. :) I will have this summer off to have the baby and spend time with the husband. Then, begin where I left off of nursing in the fall, and graduate in the spring, before the husband has to deploy again. Which makes me very happy that he probably won't miss my graduation.  I am so ready to graduate. I've worked really hard in nursing school, and I'm glad that its beginning to look like its all going to pay off.
and then I can look forward to more of these again!

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  1. How cool for you. See this must be a God thing tell you that you were meant to be a nurse, just on His timing not yours.