Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Guess I Still Got It

Well here is a laugh for everyone.  Since the guys have left, a small group of us wives from E co. have been hanging out. It started out as just at mandatory fun functions, then turned into wife functions, and now we try and schedule time to all hang out. So tonight we decided to go to the bowling alley on base. Aside from my awful bowling score, we had an awesome time.  Which we always do. Just sitting around laughing and talking, joking about the different quirks of our husbands. Two of us recently got new puppies, so there is always talk and advice about how that is going. Then this young hispanic Marine in his cammies comes up to our table and takes a seat right next to me, facing me.  At first I thought he knew one of the other wives, until I realized he was looking at me, patiently waiting for me to finish what I was saying to one of the wives. So I turned to him. Mind you, I am at the point in my pregnancy where, especially after I eat, I have to slightly recline back in order to breathe better. So I'm leaning back, belly up, hands on the top part of my belly right under my boobs (i dunno know why but its the most comfy place to rest my hands, i never understood that until now), visibly pregnant, and I look at the Marine. He tells me, "Hi, my friend over there wants to say hi to you".
"Really?" I say, not in a I'm-playing-sly-with-you way, but more in disbelief.
"yeah, he likes you" Now looking back I realize he never pointed to his "friend", in fact I really have no idea where this guy came from. When we first got there (a couple of hours earlier) there was a group of Marines in their cammies at a table, so I assume he was with them.  They all looked like they were working on something work related.
"Oh. I'm married.......and pregnant.....sooo.......sorry!" Could he really not see that I was knocked up? I was just in complete shock that someone would hit on someone who is pregnant. I mean I catch guys checking me out a lot, but its usually cuz they're looking at my ass, and they don't realize I'm pregnant until I turn around. As the guy went back to his table, naturally all the other Marines laughed at him, and then they all abruptly left.
So I can only conclude one of two things: 1. He knew I was pregnant. The whole table knew, including his "friend" and they dared him or played a joke on him.
2. I am that frickin hot that guys don't care that I'm married and pregnant they can't resist but to ask me out and pretend its for their friend.
I'd like to make myself feel good for a minute (cuz after all, my make up was on point and I did feel particularly cute today) and say that it was the latter. If thats true, I'm truly flattered.
But unfortunately for every other man in the world, my heart belongs to someone else. Not part of it, not a piece of it, all of it. You know those shirts and stickers that say, "Half my heart is in Afghanistan"? I can't bring myself to buy one. Because it is untrue for me, my entire heart is in Afghanistan.  And he is the only man that can look at me and give me butterflies, touch me and make me nervous, and talk to me and make me feel like its our first date after all these years. Its not because he's a Marine, its because he is him. He gets my weird sarcastic sense of humor that is sometimes obscure and dark, he's smart enough to understand my crazy science based rants and nursing theories, and he's man enough to treat me respectfully, lovingly, and honestly.  He calls me whenever he has the chance, and I KNOW that if he doesn't, its for a good reason. We trust each other.  I can honestly say I have never trusted another person completely like I do my husband. And I know he feels the same. All I can say is I love him. Simple enough sounding, but it doesn't come close to the strength of my feelings about him.
I love this pic of him, he's laughing at someone while talking. and look, he has his phone! he was probably texting me. lol <3 him


  1. That's pretty funny! I could never buy one of those shirts though either. I feel like my entire heart and soul are on deployment. I definitely understand where you're coming from. Get 'em girl...

  2. Very beautiful, just the perfect love note to your hubby. You should copy and email to him as long as he doesn't get upset about the "other" guy trying to hit on you. And yes, it was definitely because you looked cute, not a joke at your expense, how flattering.

  3. He was hitting on you because you look totally foxxy [preggo or not]. ;)