Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Its Not Cold Outside

But I have a cold. Ugh. It started with a sore throat, but thankfully that has passed. Now I am left with sneezing and a stuffy nose.  Which I can generally deal with until its time to go to sleep.  Naturally this has made me fear for the baby, but everything I've read and the nurse says that its ok and its not going to hurt the baby.  So I've been doing my best to keep it under control, and try and get rid of it as soon as possible.  Its only been two days (this being day 2). But I went ahead and made an appointment  with my family doctor for tomorrow.  I tend to have one good sinus infection a year, and with my sinus headaches, I think this might be headed that way. So the sooner I can get rid of it, the better.
On a happier note. I'm pretty sure I felt the baby move.  It tends to move at night more, or maybe I just feel it better than, because its quiet and relaxed and I'm not distracted by other things. But it was the neatest thing! It feels like a little muscle twitch, but really soft. And its not as rhythmic as a muscle twitch, its more random. I guess it might not be the baby, but I really hope/think it is.  I have been looking out for it. I can't wait until I start to feel it more regularly and more definitively. Its a very reassuring feeling.


  1. Hey, I was finally able to log on. Would not let me. I am so happy that you are finally feeling the fluttering of the baby move. That is
    the most exciting feeling ever.

    I am here at home (of course) writing and mailing bills and checking on the weather. It's been sleeting and it may get worse before the morning.

    Well. So looking forward to next week. Luv You!

  2. I think that is the baby moving! How neat, when I was pregnant, I use to mistake it for gas all the time, then it felt more regular. And the further you get, it will respond to touches and pokes you do to your tummy. Very fun, thanks for the update.