Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm not really sure what has been going on.  But I must admit, that my husband and I have for sure hit a lucky streak.  I immediately want to give credit to God. But for those who don't believe in Him, perhaps we have just been getting really lucky.
I've been trying to figure out when it all started.  And truthfully, it started pretty slow and after probably one of the worst events in our lives. After we lost our baby at 6 weeks gestation we really felt like things were just not going our way.  We asked ourselves 'what did we do wrong?' and we were told by every doctor that we didn't do anything wrong.  Which forced us to question, 'what did we do to deserve this?' 'were we being punished for something?'. But after that short lapse, we concluded that God had a plan for us.  Unfortunately it included this loss, but we kept faith and knew that things would work out when it was time. We really wanted a baby and after our miscarriage we were not left with a lot of time to try again before William had to deploy for Afg.  We resigned ourselves to trying as best we could and if it happened, it was meant to be, if it didn't then we were meant to wait until he came home.  It was not in our hands.  We found out about a week before William got on that white bus that we were pregnant again.  Talk about luck! I've worked in OB, I know how hard it can be for a normal couple to conceive.  It can take up to a year....and thats still considered normal! We have been shooting 2 for 2.  We got pregnant within a month of trying each time.  So we really felt blessed and the only thing the two of us could think of asking for next was a healthy baby.
So far we have gotten that.  I've had two ultrasounds and the baby looks great, and the heartbeat is very strong.  Every OB check I've had the heart beat has sounded great on the doppler.  That alone was enough to make us feel like we were looked after.  Then these small little things started popping up.  I register with Sears and get a free $50 gift card.....I win a drawing on a blog and win another $30 gift card........I RSVP (late) for a baby shower thing on base and get in....not to mention got so much stuff from the baby shower.  It has just been so wonderful and appreciated.  This has helped us so much.  I have used all the gift cards to buy Christmas Gifts for family.  The gifts from the baby shower were amazing.  We were given an Eddie Bauer Play Yard and a ton of baby clothes, and Nordstrom diaper bag, diapers, baby wipes and shampoos and lotions and a baby sling.  I mean just about anything we would need.  I didnt expect any of that. Coincidentally, I had just bought a Graco Pack n Play with my baby shower gift cards from my shower back in GA.  So after talking to my husband, we decided that we wanted to share our blessings.  We are lucky enough to have two of something, when there are people very close to who are unsure about how they will get some of these things. Besides, we didn't do anything special to deserve the Play Yard.  I'm just a Marine husband does all the hard work.  Nothing I do, puts me in harm's way. And I don't do what I do for him because I'm trying to be brave, I do everything I do because I love my matter what his job title is.
So we are going to give the Play Yard away.  Its really nice, it has a changing table and can be turned into a bassinet.  I hope that it will really help them out.  We don't need two, and we've been so lucky lately, why not help someone else out?  We are truly grateful for where we are now.  My husband and I have been through our share of tough times, financially and emotionally.  And there always seemed to be someone looking out for us, to make sure we didn't fall too far down.  And we have dusted ourselves off and worked ourselves into a comfortable place.  Now maybe, God is using us to ensure the same for someone else? Regardless of what you believe, we are so lucky to be have the means to help someone else.


  1. I would be lying if I said that reading this didnt make me cry.

  2. Amen sista! I believe that God was looking out for you both and what great gifts to give to someone else.

  3. Yes, I'm creeping on your old blog posts. Some of them are so very bitter sweet. Can you believe how much time has passed. It seems I've blinked my eyes and a year has gone by.
    Oh, yeah, I just wanted to say...we love our play yard! This post reminded me that I may not have ever thanked you...sooo....THANKS! <3