Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zombie Defense is a Little Difficult When You're Knocked Up

But don't worry, I didn't get bit. However, all of my dreams, or at least 90% of them are in Spanish. I rarely ever dream in Spanish. But ever since I found out I was pregnant, I dream in Spanish. Its a sign that I need to wok on my Spanish. Its a been a few days since I have. So I will definitely do that today.
The husband will be in the field today and then he gets to spend the weekend with me and then he's off to do some more training for the about 30 days. But fortunately I should still be able to talk to him and text him while he's there. He will be doing classroom stuff for the first few weeks then going out to the field for the last part. Surprisingly he was super excited about going out to the field today. Prolly since he only has to go for one night. Its kinda like a camping trip. lol. Plus he's been working so hard, I think its actually going to be like a break for him.
I have been trying to make appointments for the baby classes and trying to make the important ones when the husband is still here. But no one is answering the phone, and they sure don't call back when I leave voice mail. So that is a little frustrating. I really want him to be able to take the Daddy Boot Camp class and Baby Basic Training class (which is a combined class), but it doesn't look like I can get it on a day that he can go. =( If they would answer the phone, I would know for sure. I have also tried to call the Life Long Learning Center about my school. But hey won't call me back either. I'm not sure what is up with the people who work at these places on bases.
Well I'm off to start work (finish laundry, gym, pick up name tapes and dog tags, practice spanish, and a million other things)....

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