Monday, August 2, 2010


I should listen to Isabelle next time she is trying to tell me something. Izzer and even Noah have been scratching for about the last week. This really perplexed me because I gave them their frontline this month. And that stuff if pretty strong it works for a long time, even after the monthly dose. Well, Isabelle has a bone, and William likes to put peanut butter in it to help calm her down and keep her busy for a about an hour. But we hadn't done that in awhile. But still sometimes, she likes to play with it, and chew on it even though there is no peanut butter in it. So I took advantage of that, and used it one day to get her to go to her room. So I place it in her crate with her so she could play it with it while I was gone. This was probably about 2 weeks ago.
Then this week I keep noticing that the bone is being taken out of room. I thought maybe William was doing, then I thought maybe it was just getting knocked out of her room when Izzer would run out of it when we take her out. So I would put it back in her room for her. But truthfully I didn't think anything of it. I also had been noticing a few ants here and there in the bathroom. Which I thought was strange, because I couldn't find them anywhere else. So I would just smush them when I saw them and try to keep a look out for where they might be coming from. William suggested maybe they came from behind the tub when they replaced our tub about a week ago. But I didn't think twice about it.
That was until I watched Isabelle pull her bone out of her crate last night after we let her out of her room. She pulled it out and away from her room and then ran away from it. I thought it was strange, so I went and checked it out. Immediately as I bent down to pick it up, I put it all together. I looked in side of the bone, and sure enough, it was filled with ants! I grabbed the flashlight and looked in her room and there were ants all around where the bone was and even on the carpet near her crate. So I vacuumed, washed and got rid of the ants last night at 10. I felt so bad. She had been trying to get the bone out of her room all week! And I had kept putting it back in her room!. Poor baby.
But I know what you are thinking. How did Noah get bit? Well Noah is not as smart as Isabelle. Isabelle had been trying to avoid her crate. But not Noah, he sleeps in there all day everyday. lol. I think I feel more sorry for Noah.

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