Thursday, August 19, 2010

super sleepy

I feel like I have been soooo busy lately! Yesterday I actually washed my hand! My dad would be so proud. The car looks so much better now. Now maybe tomorrow I'll attempt to wash the hubby's truck. That might actually be a challenge, since I can't reach the top. But I think I might be able to pull it off, carefully of course. I'm real busy trying to get things ready for the baby. I'm working on clearing out the garage so that I can put the guest bedroom furniture in there so we can fit the baby's furniture in there. Of course I would like to get all that going before the hubby leaves for his seven month business trip. I'm pretty excited about getting the room set up. I will def take pics of it when its ready.
I got awesome news on the financial front. Operation Debt Free is in full effect. Today one of my mutual fund checks came in, and I paid off one credit card. Which is pretty good. When the other one comes in I might be able to pay off another one too. That will just leave us with 2 credit cards left and my eye surgery and of course the truck. But I think I will either get the credit cards and surgery paid off by the end of the trip, or the truck. Whichever. Then we will be free! It'll be so nice. We can save our money and spend it on the baby and take trips and buy things and pay for them in full. I can't wait. We would actually be pretty cozy if it wasn't for bills.
I'm holding strong at 7lbs weight gain. Pretty happy with that. Just a few more weeks left in the first trimester. I'm not cutting back on calories or anything, just not eating cookies and ice cream everyday. Today was my splurge day for the week. So I had some Mexican food at Santana's and a small piece of cake. I like to do that once a week because it helps deal with cravings, and it doesn't make me feel so restricted. During the week my diet hasn't really changed at all. I have my fiber cereal for breakfast, and a spinach salad for lunch with some chocolate milk as a snack (which is awesome by the way!) then I try to have some more protein and a vegetable for dinner. Really I'm not sure I can eat much more than that. Next trimester I might have to make my meals smaller and try to have 6 instead of 3, that way I can get more healthy calories in and hopefully gain the right amount weight. I don't want to gain too much weight, but I'm slightly concerned that I might have some trouble gaining the extra weight next trimester. I bought some raspberry preserves so I can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And the raspberry preserves are a better choice than jelly. So far so good! Still no nausea or vomiting. Though I do get the dizziness when I stand up too fast and I almost pass out. But I need to remember to get up slowly. The book says my tummy might be starting poke out soon! Maybe in the next week or two. Thats pretty exciting!!
I can't wait for this training block to be over and to spend some quality time with the hubby. I'm looking forward to our honeymoon too. I have put some money aside so that we can go out to dinner and maybe go shopping that night. Its going to be fun. I still haven't found an Isabelle sitter yet though. But it will be ok, if I can't find anyone she will be ok for one night. Maybe our old room mate could just go let her out in the morning or that night. But if not, I think she will be ok. Maybe we could sneak her in to the hotel. lol.

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