Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things to Come

Have I mentioned how clumsy I am? Apparently I can't remember how to drink out of a cup without a straw. Twice in the last 5 minutes I have doused my chest in water. This is why I drink my chocolate milk out of a work out bottle. I made banana pudding yesterday for the dinner I had with a fellow Echo Co. wife. I am pretty freaking impressed with myself. Not like the banana pudding thing is hard to do. But I used the sugar free pudding, and the lite whipped cream. So It was pretty healthy, and still tasted like it was totally bad for me. I have some left over that I can't wait to have tonight after Isabelle's walk.
So on the weight front I'm still holding on strong to 7lbs weight gain. Which I'm totally cool with to get me through the first trimester. I am very conflicted. I want to be far enough along for my tummy to be poking out. But I want time to slow down to spend with my husband before he leaves. I am ok with him not being able to be here for the delivery. But I know he wants to partake in all the fun stuff. He wants to see my tummy getting bigger and I'm sure he wants to feel the baby kick. So I am taking great steps to try and make this next appointment when he gets back from training awesome! We are going to have our first ultrasound, and hear the heart beat. So I of course am going to ask for extra pics for William to take with him. I am going to laminate them with non heat laminate paper, and I want to record the sound of the heart beat. This way I can make it an mp3 for him and he can play it on his ipod whenever he wants while he's off working. I also want to make an mp3 of William talking to the baby too. The baby won't be able to hear his voice before he leaves, and I want to make sure the baby knows that voice! I am going to play it for him or her all the time. I can't wait to meet our baby, but I think I'm most excited for our baby to meet his or her daddy. I am glad that I will be able to completely study their reactions to each other. The next year is going to be sad, but so much fun too! I'm ready for this deployment to be over, for our baby to be born, and for me to be finished with school! It all seems so close.

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