Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting Stuff Done!

Sometimes I really wonder how in the world I worked full time and got everything done. Then again, William wasn't active duty then, and there wasn't nearly as much stuff I had to do on my own. So I have sent off the check and registration info for William's truck. Thankfully I didn't have to register his truck here in California. I heard that the costs were around $500 here. But TN has a policy for the active duty military whose home of record is TN. All I had to do was send a copy of his LES, Stationing Orders, and a copy of his registration plus a check for $22.50. That is cheaper than we paid in Memphis. But I guess its because we aren't there so they don't charge us all those city taxes. But it was quite a challenge to get all of the information I needed about it. I looked all over Memphis' website and they didn't say anything. I'm glad I didn't give up, because I moved on to the state website and they had the info I needed. So this afternoon I spoke with someone there and got everything taken care of. I put the check in the mail a few minutes ago.
I also finally got our gift situation settled. We were wanting to send our gifts to William's brother and mother for their birthdays. But CitiFinancial Auto has made life very difficult for us for the last few months. Without going into too much detail, I'll just say they made some major mistakes and took out way more money than they were supposed to from our accountant and refused to give it back. It took us a couple of months to recover from it. But we have, and I have finally bought the gifts William had picked out. I ordered them online, so I really hope that they get there soon. I feel bad that it didn't work out to get to them sooner. But I am kind of interested in how Justin will react to his gift. I know William was very excited to get it for him, so I really hope he likes it.
I also heard back from UMUC! I have been accepted! And I can start my classes in October! Its a shortened semester, but I chose to start then because I want to spend as much time with William before he leaves as I can. I feel so much better. I feel like I will have something to work on and achieve. Depending on my schedule I might have to start in September, but I won't know until I send my advisor my transcripts.
I just got a text from my honey. We might be able to have lunch on Thursday! I'm so excited. This month of training isn't as bad when I get to see him for a few hours here and there. Its kinda like the time resets. But I am feeling a lot more confident about what it is going to be like on the deployment. I don't feel so isolated. I am handling all of the things around the house nicely. Isabelle, Noah, and I have fallen into a real nice routine. I work out in the morning, come home, shower, eat lunch. Then I have the afternoon to do whatever chores or errands I have. Then at 4 I feed Izzer and Noah dinner and start to make my own. Then I find something on TV and chill out until 9 when its sleep time.
This morning I had to wake up early though. I was invited by our old roommate to go to his Sgt's Course graduation. His wife did not even show up. =( So I'm very glad that I was there for him. I took pictures, and I need to post them for him. Tonight I am having dinner with one of the other Sgt's wives in William's company. We are having sloppy joes. And I made banana pudding. With the nilla wafers and bananas. I'm pretty ready for some pudding! lol.

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