Saturday, August 21, 2010

monday monday monday

<-----I love this work out video! Over the years I always come back to this. And since I've been pregnant I have found that it hasn't been any harder. So I'm going to start incorporating this video into my weekly work out routines.
Well I had a little bit of a scare today. I had some spotting. But it has since stopped. And it wasn't heavy. I called the doctor (even though I knew it was ok) and was reassured that as long as I wasn't bleeding like a period I was ok. Even though I already knew that, I just got worried. But I am ok, everything is fine, and I'm not spotting any more. Thankfully! Talk about a scare! Wow, I don't think I've ever been that scared about anything, and I knew the answer! I can only imagine how many more times throughout this baby's life I am going to get scared like that.
Well my uncle called my mom and said he had a dream I was pregnant. This is crazy because he doesn't know yet. But he is notorious for predicting pregnancies. He predicted my mother was pregnant with twins before she even knew was pregnant. And needless to say he was correct. Unfortunately one of the twins did not make it. So not only did he say that he had a dream I was pregnant, but he dreamt it was a girl. Another gift my uncle has is gender prediction. And so far he's the 4th person who has a had a dream or a feeling that it was a girl. I have this gift too. I have predicted gender 3 times before and been correct. Of course I can't predict it on everyone...just those people I get the "feeling" with. And I had that feeling with myself as soon as I found out I was pregnant. It was very strong, and I just feel like we are having a girl. Now the husband does not care what we have, he is just very concerned that it is healthy. I know we will both feel safer once we get our ultrasound in a few weeks.
As far as the weight front. still holding strong at 7-8lbs. I fluctuate back and forth. Which I am totally ok with. I have had to start dividing up my dinner though. I can't eat all that food at one sitting anymore. I know it sounds weird, but it makes me feel overly full. So I eat half of my dinner at 1500 and the other half at 1800. That way I can still have my night time snack at 1900. And so far its working wonderfully. I just ate half of my dinner, and I feel great. Plus, its nice, especially since I really like lasagna, I feel like I get two dinners. lol. well i'm off to work out now....

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