Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random Things

I'm so sleepy right now! But I'm also hungry, and in 20 minutes it'll be time to eat. I don't want to miss food time! lol. Everytime I try to lay down to actually take a nap it never works out for me. I just can't fall asleep. I hit the gym today, which was nice. Tomorrow one of the wives asked if I would hang out with her. I said sure. But that was when I was hoping to get my oil changed today. Oh well, I should probably do it. I heard that she was really young though, like 17. But that could just be a rumor. I don't care as long as she's not gossipy and likes to party all the time. I don't drink, at all, even when I'm not knocked up. So I certainly don't really care to hang around a bunch of drunk girls acting stupid. So that having been said maybe we can hit up WonderGarden and I can get my smoothie. That would be pretty awesome. Hopefully before hand I can get my oil changed.
I've only got to text with William randomly throughout the day. He sounds like he's been pretty busy, but he takes a few seconds throughout the day to send me a text. And he always sends one in the morning when I wake up. So that is nice. But sorry, I don't have much details about what exactly he is doing. I know he's going out to the field for only a day or so at a time. So that will be nice. I need to call the cable company and get a house phone, because I heard that when they call home while they're deployed the sat phones can only call land lines and not cell phones. But I don't know if thats true. Cuz I thought Christina received calls from her husband to her cell phone. But maybe he wasn't using a sat phone. I don't know. I guess I'd rather prepared.
Well, I'm off to make dinner and feed Isabelle who is acting like she is starving right now.


  1. yup he called from a sat phone and it worked fine. and you know that my phone was glued to me at all times. lol. we'll have to practice talking on a sat phone too. yes, it does take practice b/c of the delay time. love you!

  2. haha, ok. I'll be sure to ask questions that require a response and wait for the response! love you!