Thursday, August 12, 2010


Did I mention what the first and most severe symptom that I have had this whole pregnancy is? This was the first thing that happened and I immediately knew. Clumsiness. I have hit my head on the ceiling fan, closed my face in the closet, cut chunks out of my leg shaving, dropped and spilled numerous things, including milk all over the key board while eating my cereal this morning.
I guess I really can't complain because I haven't had any nausea or vomiting. However, today when I went to kill a giant roach, I thought I was going to puke. But I didn't, and once I killed it I was fine. I tried to get some work done on the care plan and I think I made some advances. I have the power of attorneys pretty much filled out, I just some signatures from William. The will is a little complicated, because it asks if he would like to leave money to his children. Well we don't have any that are outside of me right now, so I'm not sure how to fill that out. Plus I need him to look through and decide if there is anything that he would want to leave to anyone. It sucks having to fill all that out, because I don't want to believe that we would ever need it. But I would rather be prepared at the same time.
I'm ready for him to be back from Mohave Viper. We have so many fun things to do when he gets back. I reserved our hotel for our honeymoon. We are going to be staying at the Indian Wells Resort in Palm Desert. It looks really cute, and its not ridiculously expensive. We are going to stay one night since we do not have a dog sitter for Isabelle. Maybe I can see if our old room mate would be willing to watch her for some money or food. lol. He seems to really like her, but I don't want to intrude. I'll make William ask him! Or, we can take him out to dinner (which we were already planning on doing) and then we will ask him! lol. Perfect! Well I'm off to bed. I got a busy day tomorrow. I gotta do bills, go to the commissary, baby sit a two year old, get billy's oil changed, and of course work out.

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