Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

I'm such a nerd. I love Halloween and any other spooky days. I think I love Halloween, because its just in such a wonderful season. Fall is my favorite season. It just feels so nice out, I can't explain, it makes me feel so energized. I want to stay outside and just do Halloween type things. Friday the 13th give me a sneak peak at Halloween throughout the year. So needless to say I was super pumped about today. If the husband was here I'm sure it would have been a lot more fun. Instead, I took Isabelle for a walk and decided to watch Dawn of The Dead (not the original). Its a good movie, the ending is my favorite. They run up on an island thinking they are going to be safe and they step out and are immediately attacked by more zombies. Its awesome. Anyway, I'm watching it and drinking my chocolate milk (cuz I hate milk, its the only way I'll get the calcium the baby needs) when all of a sudden the playstation went into sleep mode! Ahhh! Why didn't I listen to William when he told me how to keep it from doing that? Truly, I can't remember anything lately. I have to leave myself notes and lists all the time. So I turned the playstation back on, but then was immediately frustrated that I could not get it to start right where it left off, and then the mood had passed. So now I'm watching 'Say Yes to the Dress'. .:sigh:.
I think everyone anticipates the holidays being hard with the guys being deployed, but I think they are all expecting Christmas and Thanksgiving to be those hard days. I know that my hardest will be Halloween. Its our day. Its the day we really wanted to be married. So I must find another wife with a love of zombie movies to spend that night with. As for the other holidays, i'm not exactly sure what the plan is. Dad wants me to come to Ga, which is awesome. However, I just wish I didn't have to be in a plane for 5 hours to do it. And I'm unsure about what to do with the animals. I need to start researching boarding places, probably in Palm Springs. I don't really trust anyone in 29 with my babies. Everyone here that isn't associated with the Marine Corps or Navy is really sketchy. I would feel the best if the base vet could board them, but I'm not sure if they offer that. I just wouldnt feel safe traveling in a plane with Isabelle. I know that she wouldn't do well. But I will update when the plans are more concrete.
As far as everything else, its going great. Sometimes my emotions get the best of me. But I know that is because of the progesterone. It sucks because I know I'm doing it, but I literally can't stop, and then I'm crying because my phone is stuck and won't pull up a text message. But I'm going to work on that. I don't want William to think that he needs to worry about me. He's really busy, and I want him to know that I'm ok. He needs to worry about training, not me crying over forgetting to take the trash out (ok, that really didnt happen, but you get the idea). So I'm going to work on it. I guess I can't complain, at least I'm not throwing up all the time. And I'm stuck at the 8 lbs weight gain. Which is better than the 9 I started out at. So I lost a pound, and if I could lose one or 2 more and maintain until the 2nd trimester I'll be good to go. Cuz yes the nurse did look over at her glasses at me when she saw how much I had gained. She might as well have said "tsk tsk, you should know better". But I cut out the sweets, and replaced it with my frozen fruit sorbet (35 calories - but very nutritious) and a glass of chocolate milk (fat free and it has the calcium and vitamins the baby needs). I'm going to stick to one splurge day a week, and that will be tomorrow. I'm going out to eat with another Sgt's wife and the 1stSgt's wife. I'm not sure where we are going to be eating, but I'm still going to be trying to pick something healthy. I didn't work out today, but I think I'll do a video in the morning, maybe my boot camp vid.
Until tomorrow! <3


  1. i think that wife should be ME on Halloween!

  2. i agree! so get ur butt over here!