Sunday, August 15, 2010

Big Rock Candy Mountains

I like to change up my diet a bit on the weekends. By diet, I mean what I eat, not strict crazy fad diet. I like to change up what I eat on the weekends because I don't want my digestive system to get used to what I eat. I find that when I have one free day a week I jump start my metabolism for a few days and I loose more weight. But when I am maintaing my weight, I find that it gives me the chance to eat something I may have been craving all week and satisfy any strange hankerings. But when I do it for breakfast, I like it because it tends to keep me fuller longer. So this morning instead of my cereal, I made scrambled eggs with bits of turkey hot dog in it and a glass of chocolate milk. I only made 2 eggs and 1 hot dog (280 calories), but I am sooooo full! I'm wondering if I will have room for lunch in a few hours.
Last night's girls night went well. The 1stSgt's wife is soooo sweet! I really like her! She is from North Carolina, which is cool, not many southerners over here on the west coast. But she's really easy to talk to and very honest. She paid for our dinner, and I tried to pay for mine, but she wouldn't let me! I was so surprise, and its not like we ate at McDonald's, we went to Cheesecake Factory! I will for sure have to pick up her check next time. I then went to Victoria's Secret to return a bra that had been given to me as a gift (before I was pregnant). Its a nice bra, but truthfully, my boobs are already big, and its The Bombshell bra. The Bombshell bra is supposed to take you up a cup size or something. I for sure don't want to be walking around wearing an E cup! And then once I got knocked up, the girls didn't get bigger exactly, but I swear they are like 5 pounds heavier and fuller (they almost look fake!). So I needed to return the bra for something else. Victoria's Secret Pink has all these really cute v-neck shirts. But the best thing about them is they are pretty long (and they're all on sale!). I got 3 of them (green, blue, and yellow) for $9 a pop! Since they are long and stretchy, I plan to wear them this whole pregnancy. And I'm not too concerned about stretching them out cuz I only paid $9 for them. A few weeks ago I had bought another one there for $5, its orange. So If I can get like 3 more, I think I'll be set! I just need to hit up the maternity store for a tank top.....and maybe a nursing bra....but that can maybe wait for a few more months, I have 2 bras that still fit me well right now (my Fredricks of Hollywood bras).
So a little off topic and completely random, this morning I heard a commercial (I don't remember it what was for). The only audio in the commercial was the song "Big Rock Candy Mountains". This song reminds me of someone. His name is Christopher Mark Hamilton. Mark and I dated in high school. He would have qualified as my high school sweet heart. We dated for two years my senior and junior year. We were literally best friends at the time. Weird circumstance had driven my previous best friends away. And so I literally spent all my time hanging out with Mark and our group of friends. Unfortunately we broke up at the end of my senior year. Mark had felt that he hadn't ever really dated anyone else and he wanted us to see other people. I was very upset and hurt by this. I was very angry with him for wanting to do that. And of course as soon as I started dating someone else, Mark immediately changed his mind and wanted me back. But I said no (because I was still upset with him). A few years later Mark died of a drug overdose. I was very upset about it. But it helped me to realize a lot of things. I didn't like where I was with my life, or who I was with. His mother at his wake told me that he never got over me. And his girlfriend at the time even told me that he talked about me all the time. And it had been years later! I can honestly say if Mark hadn't died, I might not be with William. Mark hated my ex-husband and always tried to tell me how awful he was. And he was right. So I like to think that Mark is more at peace with where I am now. So back to the song. Mark loved the movie O Brother Where Art Thou. And he liked the Big Rock Candy Mountain song soooo much he actually bought the soundtrack. This may not sound so funny, except that Mark was this little metal head kid (at the time). So it was funny me driving him to work at night and him blasting Big Rock Candy Mountain in the car. Sometimes smells and sounds take you back to a memory or a place or time. And I didn't know it until I unexpectantly heard it this morning, but that song reminds me of that time, and of Mark. In some weird way I know if I hadn't known Mark, I would have never been lead to my soul mate, William. I am very thankful and lucky. So this is for Mark! Don't cry! =)

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