Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Practice Day 1

I got up this morning, against my will. Normally I could blame it on Isabelle, but she has slipped into our daddy's-not-here routine rather smoothly. Even though its only a month is without William, me and the animals are using it as our deployment practice. And we already have a good routine down. So I got up, because my back said it didn't want to lay down anymore. But the rest of me wanted to sleep for another hour at least. And Isabelle is cool with that, cuz she knows that I will just ignore her whiney butt! Daddy can't resist her cries so he gets up in takes her out at 6 in the morning. But I'm going to work on changing her schedule, not for me, for the husband! I know he wants to sleep in on the weekends.
So I took her out to the "backyard". I put that in quotes, cuz its really a 10x5 fenced in area filled with rocks. And she is kinda snobby, and only pees on the rocks. If she has to poop, we better walk to the grass. When I opened the back door I was wonderfully surprised by the cool clean air. It reminded of GA in the fall. It was sooooo nice! I can't wait until the weather stays like that all day. I will be so happy.
I then ate breakfast, and got ready for the gym. I was really talking myself out of going, but I'm so glad I did. It felt so great! I also got to talk with another lady who I see there a lot. She is really sweet. I learned that she is neighbors with my husband's Battlion Commanding Officer. So that was interesting. But she really is so nice. She told me about a bunch of resources and classes on base since I'm still fairly new here. I'm glad I got to talk to her again today.
So I have something to confess. I have gained 9lbs. I know, I can practically see Dr. D shaking his finger at me. With me going out of town to Houston and going out to eat way more than we should, I can't really blame it all on the baby. I should only gain about 2-4lbs in the first trimester. So I've been eating better (I stopped eating ice cream and cookies!), but I'm still taking in the extra calories that the baby needs. But now I'm taking them in in the form of veggies and fruit and snacks. I've been doing this since this weekend and I am down a pound. Woohoo! Just 5 more to go, I don't want to put on too much, cuz I know its bad for the baby, and me too. I've been craving things like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and ice cream and just sweets in general. I am going to allow myself to have one of those things (not all!) once a week. So this weekend I might go get a smoothie from WonderGarden. That place is awesome. I'm pretty sure I'll have the weight gain under control within the next couple of weeks. The last thing I want is the weight gain lecture from the midwife. Much less gestational diabetes. So I'm on it!

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