Monday, August 9, 2010

My Appt!

Today I had my nurse intake appointment at the naval hospital. And just like I feared, it was with that obnoxious nurse. But its ok, I tolerated her, and she seemed a little less severe this time. The good news is, I probably won't be seeing her anymore. My next appointment is with one of the midwives. Thats the exciting appointment! The husband will be there and we will get an ultrasound and hear the heartbeat! Yay! Then after that appointment, I will give everyone the green light to spread the news. I know some people (my mom) are practically bursting at the seams to tell everyone. lol.
The husband is going off to train and I will not see him for about the next month. But luckily I will still get to text him. He surprised me by coming home for lunch today before they leave. I'm going to miss him lots, but in a way I'm sort of happy for him. It gives him the chance to show everyone how awesome he is at his job. When I talked to his 1stSgt. a little while ago he had so many nice things to say about William. How hard of a worker he was and how good at his job he is. I'm still hoping that he can get promoted even though the chances aren't very high. I know its kind of ironic that now that he is doing so well with work, my school plans have kind of been halted. But I think it's for the best. He needs me to help him now, so I am now able to support him and keep things at home easy. Which is what he has done for me for the last 2 years.
I just called and left a message with the nursing department secretary to call me back and tell me what is up with my transfer. I can't stress about it. I am just going to keep trying. And if I have to put it on hold, I know that its only temporary. I want to maybe get a part time job while the husband is off fighting bad guys. I haven't decided where yet. Most likely on base, so I don't have to drive far. Just a way to meet people and occupy my time. I've also decided to do the group OB appointments. So I will be doing a group appointment every time I see the midwife. There will be other women around my same gestational age there and we can talk and ask questions and see how we are doing. It seems pretty cool. Once again, just another way to meet people. I'm excited and sad about the next 34 or so weeks. I know it will be fun and exciting growing the baby, but I'll be sad that William has to miss it. But I'm going to take him lots of pictures and maybe even record some video messages for him so he can watch them when he gets home. Oh and my official due date is April 3rd, 2011! Ok, now I'm going to head out to the gym!

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