Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fight Night

Tonight I will be venturing, dangerously into a new realm of cooking. Yes, I have been cooking home made mexican food for quite some time. But tonight I will be attempting to make a white sauce for the first time in Vasquez-Hinojosa history. Yes, and then I will be daringly serving it to guests. I really hope it comes out ok. I'm going to be using these basic ingredients: queso fresco, crema, butter, garlic, milk, and garlic salt to taste. I can't think of anything else I would need for it. There's a lot riding on this recipe, if I deem it good enough, I will send the recipe to my mother. She will then recreate it, and it will be up to the judges (Mom, Dad, Juli and my cousin Chris) if it will get inducted into the Vasquez-Hinojosa family recipe bank. I'm going to be rolling tortillas from scratch (and I should probably start doing that soon since it takes all day) and the beans are already in the slow cooker. I made the salsa last night and I'll make the cheese dip and guacamole tonight. So why all the fuss? The hubby has invited some guys from work to come watch the fights tonight. You must realize, that if my food is well received, there's a good chance I could get battalion wide notoriety. Yup, and then all the other Mexican wives will be jealous! Buahahaha!! People all over the base will ask the husband about my cooking and invite themselves over for dinner. Then women will leave me facebook messages offering to pay for a jar of salsa. Then we will be rich. So you see, there's a lot riding on this white sauce....

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