Friday, October 7, 2011

High Need

I guess you can call it ignorance. Because truthfully we didn't really know any better. We just assumed all babies were like this. Not that it's a bad thing, just a part of his personality. I like to describe it as having a lot of energy. The pediatrician called him very alert for his age (that's when he was still a newborn). Those both sound really positive to me. And thats just how we think of it. But I just thought all babies were like this, especially boys. Until I went to lunch with some friends and the comment, "wow, he's in quite an active mood!" was made (and continues to be made by lots of people, even strangers) He was about 10 weeks old. And I said, "mood? He's always like this." and they were genuinely surprised. Which made me confused, really all babies aren't like this? lol so I ignored it (the fact that theres a difference, not my baby) until recently when my ball of energy decided to monopolize my MOPS meeting yesterday all because he was tired and was too interested in everything going on to eat or nap. Which resulted in a little boy who talked loudly and dramatically for 2 hours straight, with intermittent whining. Which I read is common at 3-4 months. But I really started to notice he was not like the other babies his age. He's rolling over (a lot!) and has been since he was 3 months old and he plays (a lot!). Where the other babies seem content to just sit there. Not mine, I'm lucky if he will sit in his swing for the entire time it takes me to shower. And we are in trouble if we go anywhere without his Jack Skellington doll for him to chew on. He wants to be a part of everything going on. I love that quality about him. And let's face it, as a Marine brat it'll come in handy for him later on. With as much extra time and care that he needs it really hasn't been bad. Tiring? Yes! Bad? Never! We are not the least bit resentful either. It's hard not to melt when you see him smile or make him laugh. Which he doesn't do for everyone. And he definitely doesnt like to be held by anyone that isnt me or my husband (which makes leaving him with a sitter impossible...also because he refuses to take bottles anymore). He loves to nurse all day long, like every hour....all night sometimes too. And I'm actually beginning to enjoy it also, especially now that i have accepted it and am not waiting for him to go longer between feedings anymore. Its our special time to relax and bond, and the only time he is not revved up to 10 million rpms. And he likes it to be private. No public nursing for my little boy, there's too much going on that he might miss out on! My husband and I are just going to enjoy all the time he wants from us now, because one day he will be all grown up. One day he will be done nursing. One day he will want to spend his time with others. So I will indulge him, and myself too. Whatever it takes to keep this special attachment the three of us share strong.

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