Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some How I Manage

Lately I'm beginning to get a taste of what single mom life would be like.  The hubs has been working super late at the shop and even though I'd rather have him here, its helping me to see how life would be if he does end up going on the 2012 deployment. And maybe even given me a little more confidence in my parenting skills. Although I have still not decided what I would do if he deploys, the fear of being alone with an infant is not a factor any longer. So here is what I got:
A. Go home to Georgia
B. Stay in 29 again
The up side of going to Georgia would be that I would have a ton of help with the baby. I've even been told by my old boss that I would have a job waiting for me. So I could save some extra cash, and my family could baby sit. Plus I'd get BAH, and I could stay with my parents. So lots of money saving opportunities. The down side is that I would have to give up our base housing...which sucks, because I love our house and our neighborhood! When its time to come back we'd have to reapply for housing, and who knows how long we'd have to wait. What if we have to live out in town....alone...for a little bit? ahhh! Also, and this is a biggie....what if my hubby gets hurt and comes home early? Then we don't have a home for him to come back to. That would be a nightmare. Plus, how am I going to get all our things to Georgia? Then we'd have to get it all back to California. If it was just me, no pets no baby, it'd be easier. But I dont want to just throw the baby's furniture in the time we get back he won't fit in it! That'd be such a waste.
The upside to staying in 29. I dont have to worry about anything concerning housing. If theres anything I have to do for the hubby on base, like go to IPAC, I can. (IPAC doesn't do things over the phone...not bueno if you are trying to correct a pay problem from the other side of the USA). I'll be with other wives and moms whose hubbies are deployed. The downside: most of the friends I made over the last deployment are PCSing. Now that the hubs is back at his old Co. I don't really know any of those wives.  My family isn't close enough to come help me at a moment's notice. If something happens to me, I don't have a fast back up for Liam.
So these are the things I must decide on. Its not as clear cut as it seems. I'm still praying that my hubby gets recruiting orders and  then we won't have to worry about a deployment.
On a lighter note:

i love when he falls asleep while he's eating. i'm going to miss this view of him when he weans.

my little boy is 3 months old today. :) he's rolling over and sucking his thumb and feet. lol. i love him so much. i didn't know it was possible to love this much!

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  1. I am going through the exact same thing. A possible dep in Jan. and I have no clue what to do. Stay with a toddler, or pack up and move with a toddler. Either way, no bueno :(