Friday, June 3, 2011

He's Home

He is finally home, I have just now decided that it is time to crawl out of the cave long enough to share it with everyone.  So here we go:
 So as most mil wives know it is about a week long process getting our spouses home when its time to come back. There are many stops along the way, including 2 day stays at different bases in many different countries.  And as always none of these flights are set in stone, they can and do change at the last minute. Here are a few pics he sent me once he was in a place where he was able to use the wifi on his phone.  This is where his journey home began.  About a week before he actually got here.
 He looks so sleepy! Its because their flight was supposed to leave in the middle of the night so he just stayed up, of course it didn't end up leaving until sometime the next day.
 My big round pregnant self getting ready to go to the ramp to pick up the hubby! They were due to come in sometime between 0300-0600.
 Patiently waiting and talking with a friend
 Me laughing. I wasn't sure how I would feel waiting for him, but I was surprisingly calm and relaxed.
 I had to add this in.  Every time our battalion has an event that involves a jump house, it collapses.  Homecomings are no exception apparently.
 Its getting lighter out! And this is my excited dance.
 After a few hours, my back was starting to hurt, so I sat down.  If you've been reading my blog you will remember how I told my hubby that I would be the fat pregnant chick in the back sitting in a chair.  I meant it.
 The hubby was texting me updates on where exactly they were. I'm pretty sure here he was telling me that they were finally leaving the armory. They have to drop off their weapons first, so they are actually on base (within walking distance!) for awhile checking in gear and weapons while we wait for them to come to us.
 And at last! The buses pull up to the ramp!
 I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to tell my hubby apart from the other Marines.  Not because I had forgotten what he looks like, but because seriously, anyone who has a Marine knows, all these guys look alike! So I stayed back until I spotted him.
 And thankfully I had absolutely no problem picking him out!

By this point I'm ready for us to go home now! Plus I was hungry, It was like 0530, I needed a second breakfast!
So after we got back I lost all track of my iPhone, turned off the computer, and closed the laptop.  I didnt have to make sure I opened AIM at least once a day so it wouldn't shut off and I didnt need to make sure the house phone was within reach when I sat on the couch.  I haven't got my own glass of water in almost a month, and I'm really loving having him home!  Now, like my sign says, we have just been trying to get ready for Liam to get here. That could be any day now! Wow! I must admit, the only challenge that we have come across with this redeployment home is my own anxiety.  I'm not sure if its the impending labor or some kind of residual thing from the deployment, but I'm not ready for the hubby to not be near me, especially at night. I'm ok when he goes to work in the morning, but I need him here at night.  Its not like he isn't, they aren't going out to the field or anything. So I know how silly it sounds.  I'm just not quite ready to let him go yet. I'm even sensing some anxiety about letting the baby sleep in his own room when he gets here.  Which is new, because I've been all about him sleeping in his crib up until this week.  So I hope my fears will ease once we welcome home my other boy.


  1. Aww I love the cute!

  2. Adorable sign and I LOVE your top... so pretty! What a beautiful reunion :D

  3. Ohh CJ these pictures are so very precious, thank you so very much for sharing your hubby's homecoming with us all. It was so beautiful and brought tears to my eyes, I'm so glad he is home with you and in time to help coax Liam out of your belly. :-)

  4. Thanks guys! I'm so glad to have just waiting on Liam to decide he's ready to come out and play.