Monday, June 6, 2011

Almost Cooked

In 2 more days I'll be 39 weeks pregnant.  And this little boy is not acting like he is ready to make his appearance. We are patiently waiting though.  I'm not in too much of a rush though.  Last week I was dealing with some random anxiety about labor (maybe not too random).  But this week seems to be better.  I think I'm ready. And if I don't have him by next week I think I'll be begging to get him out. So far I must admit, that aside from the horrible nausea of the first trimester, this pregnancy has been quite easy on me (maybe not on my hair though). 
I also have a doula.  I really think she has helped to ease some of my fears, and I'm really confident that she will be able to support me and the hubs through labor.  My plan is to not have an epidural, and she has really given me the confidence that I can do it.  So I know she will be there to help remind me that I'm doing well when I need her to.  I gave my birth plan to my doctor today, and she was very receptive to my plan.  She even said, "thats a pretty laid back plan." So I know I'm not being unreasonable. I'm feeling really good that my doula and my medical team are going to mesh well. My hubby is saying that he is ready now too, so we are just hanging out now until Liam is ready.

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  1. Aww. I hadn't seen the 3D ultrasound. He look like Billy!!