Friday, February 4, 2011


So I can cross off 'take a yoga class'!  Yesterday, I went with a friend to the prenatal yoga class on base for beginners.  Now, I am a runner.....well I am when I'm not knocked up. So I like to consider myself to be in pretty good shape. Although like a lot of runners, I tend to be nice and slender, but not so much muscular.  So needless to say, even though I was able to hang in the beginners yoga class yesterday, today I was very much feeling sore. Which is obviously a very good thing. I've heard that yoga is very helpful for runners.  So I'm hoping that doing this once a week for muscle building will help to keep my muscles not only prepared for labor, but for getting back in the running game.

22 weeks...on my way to yoga!

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  1. Such a runner huh? Well good for you and yoga on top of that wish I would've done more upkeep during my pregnancies, instead I just let myself go and it took a lot longer to get back in shape. Way to keep up with staying in shape.