Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Something For Me

So I'm pregnant, and my husband is in Afghanistan.  There are many times where I just feel repulsive and fat (and hungry).  I like to tell myself that I wouldn't feel so fat all the time if the hubs was home because he's usually pretty good at telling me how beautiful he thinks I am. Truth is, that probably wouldn't change how I feel sometimes. Its hard looking at these cute little girls with their flat tummies and think, I used to look like that 5 and half months ago. So its the little things that help me feel pretty. Like getting my nails done and finally getting my hair done.  Now I know there are a lot of people that are very cautious about doing those two things during pregnancy. Truthfully, studies don't show that either of those things are in large enough amounts on the skin to even get to the baby much less harm him. Most docs just say to wait until the second trimester to play it safe.  So I did.  And I must say, its the little things that help to make me feel not so fat these days. So, my hair is done! And I love it.
(did i mention i chopped off my hair again? its ok, cuz i cut it after i got it past my shoulders)