Monday, January 3, 2011

Not a Snow Day

See! I'm not nearly as large as the Christmas pictures made me look. Its that stupid green sweater! I should have known. I didn't wear it when I wasn't pregnant because it made me look bigger than I really am. So why would  I think its a good idea to wear it when I'm pregnant?! Momentary lapse in judgment.  Don't worry, that sweater is going to be meeting the trash or the thrift shop soon.
me, 17 weeks

Now lets proceed to a little segment I like to call:  
The Commissary Diaries
Date: Jan 2nd, 2011
Place: The Commissary....obviously...

I made the mistake of going to the commissary the day after a holiday, the day after pay day. But I really had no choice. There was a threat of snow the next day and I was pretty much out of food. So I made the trek. I soon remembered why I only like to go the day before pay day, in the morning preferably, on like a Wednesday or Friday.  I walk in and there are 2 baskets/buggies (whatever you call them) left.  There is a couple and a chick standing in front of the two baskets.  They had two baskets in their possession, and it appeared that they were together since the chick looked like she was waiting on the couple to get their baby situated in the basket so they could begin their shopping. So in my not so balanced, and admittedly slower state as of recently (its funny how you don't take into account your belly getting in the way...) I try to politely and carefully get around them so I can get one of the last two baskets.  Well this chick is still looking at me, in an apologetic fashion, she knows they are all up in my way. But the guy from the couple realizes that I'm going after one of the other two baskets.  So he literally jumps in front of me and grabs one.  For a second I think, "oh, is he getting me a basket?" then I realize what he was doing.  He took the last good basket! Why do they need 3 baskets?! That jerk damn near had me walk right into him so he could rush and leave me with the shitty basket that doesn't turn my car.  For the record, Marines are way more polite when their wives aren't around.
So the rest of my shopping experience was just as frustrating.  Getting cut off in the aisles, or people just not noticing they are blocking the entire aisle. But whatever.  I guess that is expected at an grocery store on a busy day.  But really DECA needs to reconsider some of their product left room for only one buggy at a time in some places. But it wouldn't have been too bad.  Except, you know when you are shopping and you accidentally get in the same pattern of going down aisles as another couple or person?  Its kinda awkward cuz you keep running into them. Well that happened, with two women and I. And both of them literally just yelled at their kids the whole time.  Look, I'm all about disciplining your kids, but I can't even describe how unnecessary this was.  I was getting stressed out just listening to these women. These women were just in bad moods, cuz the kids weren't doing anything. It was so annoying. So I vowed that I wasn't going to be that mom.  Sure all you mom's are laughing at me saying, "You just wait".  Don't judge. I'm not going to be mean. These moms were mean, the end. I can only imagine how they are with their husbands....yikes! 
So by the end of the day, I pulled my right shoulder trying to turn left in my car and I really made it worse with that stupid Zoolander buggy that jerk left me with.  It feels better today, thank God. Relaxin.....great for making your hips spread during childbirth.....awful at keeping you pain free during pregnancy.  I came home and left the doors to my car unlocked in hopes that it wouldnt be here when I woke up.  But it is, .:sigh:. maybe I should leave the keys in it too (minus the house key of course)......


  1. Oh my goodness! This is ridiculous. One: to steal a cart from a pregnant woman! Oh, he's lucky it wasn't me because I think I would have said something.

    I as well try not to go on or near payday, but the commissary is an hour away, so I go when I'm down on base on Thursdays... which happened to be like the 16th last time I was down there. Ugh. There is no place I loathe more than the commissary, but I spent $80 at the regular grocery store on 2 boxes texas toast, 2 bags of salad, some sparkling cider and some meatballs. SERIOUSLY? I pay at least triple on some stuff if I don't fight the crowds.

  2. Well I feel for you and your terrible trip to the commissary, trips like these help to make you remember never to go at those times again.
    Also I gotta say after having 2 kids of my own, and never wanting to be "that mother" at times I was "that mother" not often but my ugly head would rear up and before I knew it I was yelling in public at my children. It just happens but you say sorry and move on, parenting is not pretty at times but we're all human.
    You looked beautiful by the way in that green sweater during your Christmas photos and you look beautiful in the red t-shirt as well, don't knock your look of pregnancy.
    I've also had cars that were junk and hoping that they too would mysteriously be stolen by morning, but this too shall pass and it'll get better, just hang in there.