Monday, January 10, 2011

A Burst of Energy

I've been missing this last week or so.  On twitter, facebook, and here.  The New Year brought in a burst of energy.  Which is expected at around this time in the pregnancy I hear. So I've been cleaning. Not like scrubbing floors, but more like organizing. Right before the husband left for Afghanistan he was blessed with a reissue of all of his uniforms. Which means I was blessed with putting them away.  I have been avoiding all fall due to some extra fun morning sickness. So now that I'm outta that first trimester I decided to brave it this weekend and get the baby's closet and room and ready as I can.
I began by attacking the garage, because thats where all the uniforms were hanging out in 5 large bags and 1 rubbermaid bin.  I'm sure you are wondering how the garage or William's uniforms have anything to do with the baby's room. It does, trust me. So I went through and piled up all his uniforms. Separating them by things that need to be altered and have name tapes sewn on and things that were ready to hang up.
I then made a keep sake box for the husband (cuz, see all that stuff in the right of the pic? I had to find a place for it, its buttons and shirt stays and little things that are just asking to get lost). Its his Christmas present.  And I say its for him, but its for me too. I'm tired of finding his rank pins all over the house and having to scour three different boxes for chevrons or service stripes or ribbons and medals. So I needed a place where they could all be neatly organized and in one place.  Oh, and it not look the ugly cardboard box that half of those things used to reside. 

So I got the keepsake box made, and then organized.  And now there is one awesome place for all the little USMC things my husband has floating around the house. So I needed to put that box away, in our closet and get hangers for all the uniforms.  We are running short on hangers in the house and I really don't want to go to Yucca to hit up Wal*Mart for some hangers.  So, since I needed to go through my closet and get rid of clothes I don't wear, I just did that instead.  That gave me a ton of extra hangers.  I also managed to shove my ginormous wedding dress into a rubbermaid with all my other wedding accessories and store that in the garage.  Which led to me cleaning and organizing the whole top shelf of our closet.  I could then, finally move on to the baby's closet.  I reorganized and hung up all of my husband's uniforms and placed on the closet shelf all the uniforms that need to be taken to alterations. 

Daddy's half of the closet, all set up and organized!

Baby's side...not so much

Did I mention that the reason the uniforms affect the baby's room is because in our little bittle house the only way I can fit all our clothes in it is if Daddy and Baby share a closet? Originally it was Daddy's closet, but now he is going to have to share with Baby.  Which I'm sure he doesn't mind. 
So why'd I go through all this trouble? Everyone told me to just put all his stuff in a rubbermaid and leave it in the garage.  But I couldn't do it.  In my mind if I put his clothes in a box in the garage it would mean he's not coming home. And thats not an option for us.  After I put away the last cover in the cubbies, I felt happy.  I'm all ready for him to come home now, well, I've been ready, but now the house is too.  I've unpacked his winter clothes and got his uniforms all organized and ready for him to wear. We are halfway through this now, and it feels closer and more real every day.  Now, I can work on the baby's room and half of the closet. 


  1. I LOVE that keepsake box...great job!

  2. Beautiful keepsake box, I love it! Could you make me one?? Haha, and what a great job organizing all of your hubby's stuff. You'll be all set for this baby before you know it.