Thursday, October 7, 2010

We are Truly Blessed

We have been lucky enough to get pregnant again.  =)  We are both so happy! I am about Also we have realized how lucky we are to get pregnant with such ease.  It take normal healthy couples anywhere from 6 months to a year to conceive, and both times we have succeeded right away.
I am trying so hard to stay positive and enjoy this pregnancy.  It is a little difficult, I was finding myself saying things like, "if this works out" or "if the baby comes" or just avoiding talking about a future with this baby at all.  I reflected back on these statements and lack of statements (that I was making completely unintentionally) and realized it was kind of messed up.  Not only was I robbing myself of bonding with my baby, but I was being extremely unfair to this baby.  It would be cruel to not let myself completely love this baby just because I havent passed an important milestone (the first ultrasound).  So that having been said, I have been much better.  Making myself think positively and even talk to the baby has really changed my attitude about it.
I decided that if I break up this pregnancy into small milestones, I'll get some relief as I pass each one.  Right now I'm looking forward to the first ultrasound.  That will be done on November 4th.  I really can't wait.  I think once I see/hear that heartbeat I will be put at ease.  Risk of miscarriage reduces to less than 10% if the heartbeat is heard at 150 bpm or greater.  So I'm very eager to hear that and then look forward to the next milestone.
On another note, its about that time that hubby leaves for his business trip.  I think this pregnancy will def keep me occupied while he's away.  I am not feeling too sad about him leaving, instead I'm just really looking forward to his homecoming.  He should be back before this baby is due, so that will be awesome.  Oh and did I mention that my due date his my husband's birthday? How awesome is that?!