Friday, October 22, 2010

This is What I've Been Waiting For

It seems like this Halloween season has really been put on hold for me.  Every year I look forward to decorating the house, carving a pumpkin, dressing up Isabelle, and of course watching horror movies (specifically zombie movies).  I mean, this is really the only time of year that I don't get looked at like I'm a psycho because of my Halloween tattoos. Plus its the only time that I can ask where the zombie section is at Barnes & Noble without getting an eyebrow turned up at me.  But it felt like these things weren't coming together this year.  I'm sure most of it had to do with me having to send off my husband to Afghanistan in the middle of our favorite month.  But some of it I believe was out of my control.  The tv stations weren't playing any horror movies, and 29 Palms was still kind of hot.  Its just hard to feel horror-ific in shorts.  Plus without my hubby here, I had to pick out a pumpkin all by myself, and at the commissary instead of a pumpkin patch.  I guess there probably are not any pumpkin patches out here in the Mojave Desert, though.  Irregardless, the fun had been sucked out of the only time of year I look forward to.
But here I am in week 2 of this deployment and I'm starting to finally feel like I can carve the pumpkin.  I think it helped that I had to wear a jacket to take Isabelle out this morning.  Also, AMC has finally started playing some horror flicks! Now if I could just get past this nausea, maybe I could get out and enjoy the fall festivities.  But I'm afraid a whiff of funnel cake or kettle corn is going to send me running back home.  But like I said earlier, I am totally ok with all my pregnancy symptoms.  They remind me everyday that this pregnancy is going well.  The only thing that could make this Halloween any better, is if the hubby was here.  But for now, I'll settle for a phone call or an instant message.....maybe even a skype date.

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  1. Hey hun! So I just realized that your name is CJ on here. Is that what you go by? My initials are CLJ but I always put CJ. I go by Crystal though. Anyway has your hubby done recruiting? I'm happy about it but kind of nervous. Mainly because I don't know what to expect and I'm afraid they're going to send him to school at the worst possible time. If they screen him in late Jan/early Feb he said he just has to wait for a school seat after that and I'm afraid school is going to be around the time the baby is supposed to come. He said he's going to look up the school dates so I guess we'll see. If your hubby has done it I would love some info or advice. Thanks so much!