Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm super sleepy this afternoon! I had an awesome work out though. Running is becoming increasingly more difficult so I've cut my run in half, and replaced the other half with a high incline walk. I'm pretty sure though that the entire run will be replaced within the next couple of weeks. Right now I'm focusing my weight workouts on my abdominal and core muscles. Because next trimester, I won't be able to do them laying down!
Still no word about school. I'm calling tomorrow to see what going on. But I did get some good news about the family care plan. I can pick someone who doesn't live locally. So this weekend, the husband and I need to sit down and get all that together. I need copies of all his stuff and all kinds of POAs (power of attorney). I also am trying really hard to get better at my Spanish. I've been studying! Which is difficult cuz i'm sooooo tired! But I'm really trying. And I think its getting better. I spend the entire morning (during my work out) watching Spanish talk shows on Univision. And I've learned that people are crazy! But I wouldn't have learned that if I hadn't been understanding more and more. So I'm just going to keep trying.
Well tomorrow should be a very interesting day. At 0800 I have a class, called the Early Bird Class, to go to for the baby. Pretty much its given by a nurse and she is there to tell us the answers to the questions that everyone has. Like, what can I eat? Can I work out? Is it ok to still smoke and drink and shoot up? You know, those basic questions. But, I'm sure that most of us will ask our docs again anyway. After the class I will be scheduled to have a one on one appointment with the nurse for intake. So they can get my health history and find out everything they need to know about me. Then eventually I'll get to meet the doc and have an ultrasound in like a month. Then after the ultrasound My hubby and I can tell everyone! I just really want to make sure that everything is looking healthy and developing like it should. So after my little class there is a family picnic for my husband's company. That should be fun. Perhaps I can meet some friends. No pressure!

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