Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Everyone has Bad Days

I was dreaming this morning that I was having some really bad uterine cramps. I mean, almost unbearable. I was doubled over and moaning and everything. I woke up and couldn't tell if it was real or just in my dream. I think it was real, cuz I swear I was still cramping. I've been feeling pretty crampy lately. I know that it is normal, but as a former OB MA I'm a little worried about miscarriage. But I'm not bleeding, so no worries. Probably just implantation reactions and all that fun stuff. But not a fun way to wake up.
So in preparation for an upcoming deployment we have been talking about family care plans and power of attorneys and wills at the family meetings. I started working on our family care plan today. We are not on the required list, but I figured that since we are going to have a baby before my husband gets back, then I should probably have people in place to take care of our little one incase something happens to me. But I was reading, and the requirements for a care giver on the family care plan is that they live locally. It made me feel so sad, because I still do not know anyone here. I want to list my mom, but it doesn't look like I can put her right now, since she lives all the way on the other side of the country. I guess I have like 35 weeks to meet someone to put down, but I kind of feel like I should have something in place so someone could at least check in on the dog and cat if I have to go into the hospital sometime before its time to deliver.
Naturally all of this worrying led way to me getting sad about still not hearing back from Copper Mountain College about my transfer. I think I'm going to give it until Friday, but I just want to be in school this fall! I want to graduate! I want to take my NCLEX! I want my name to have R.N. after it.
I'm sure I can blame all these feelings on the estrogen, progesterone, and HCG running through my blood. But it does help to write it down. I would be so happy to be blogging about how much nursing school is draining me right now. But I need to be patient. If its meant to happen it will. I just really hope it does. I know that if I can get to school I will for sure solve my friend problem. sigh. ok, I'm going to cook dinner now.

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