Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Operations Security. Well, I had previously mentioned this in my first post, however after some recent posts on another blog, I decided that it might be important to dive a little deeper. For a deeper understanding about what is considered OpSec violation and what is not, please click on the title and read the informative brochure that I borrowed from an Army website.
This is my personal opinion on OpSec, and what I expect to see at least on my blog. My husband has been working very hard for his upcoming deployment, as have all the other Marines in his battalion. They've been going to the field for days-weeks at a time, and even working later at night than usual. My husband has worked and trained very hard. Who am I to compromise all his hard work by letting information get out? Not only could it jeopardize the missions they have worked so hard on, but it could quite possibly kill a Marine. All I want to say is that my little selfish want to rant and rave or let everything out, will never put any of our men in harm's way. I am even wary about telling strangers my husband's battalion and company and what not. So all I ask is that those following my blog please read the link I've attached about OpSec. I know that many of you are family and may not be clear on it. And some of us are new to the Marine Corps and may not be clear on it. Pretty much, if when you think about saying it, you question whether or not you can say it, you probably just shouldn't.
I am keeping this blog to keep you all up to date on my life (I have a lot going on, and family and friends are all far away!). A lot of that may have to do with a phone call from William. But unfortunately I won't be able to share what he's doing or where he is, as I won't even know myself. Thanks for my little rant/disclaimer. I would really appreciate it if you adhere to these rules when commenting on any posts. Thank you!

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