Thursday, November 25, 2010

Back In The A

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm kind of sad that I am not able to share it with the husband.  This is our first major holiday season apart. We will be apart for Christmas and our anniversary too.  But I'm blessed and thankful that we will get to share our birthdays, and our baby's very first birthday (you only get one, then you celebrate the anniversary every year after that...).  To be honest, today didn't really seem like a special day. I was very glad to spend it with my family and my cousin Chris.  But it just felt like another day.   I think its the weather.  It's not very cold.  Which kind of makes me sad.  Winter/Fall is my favorite season, but its like I'm not able to enjoy it. Which maybe is for the best, because it'll just remind me of how much I'm missing my husband.  On that note, we have passed the 6 weeks mark, and working on 7 weeks.  I still have no idea when he is coming home, but I can't believe that we have made it this far.
On the pregnancy front, I've been slowly feeling better.  my tummy is also definitely starting to poke out.  If you know i'm pregnant then you can tell what it is. But i have to admit that if you don't know you would probably just think I've gotten a little chunky since the hubby deployed.  But I've only gained 4-5lbs.  Next week, on Tuesday I have my next ultrasound.  And as I am getting closer and closer to the second trimester I'm feeling myself relax a little more each day.  I'm really looking forward to sending the husband another picture of our little devil pup.
well i'm really struggling to keep my eyes open.....i'm definitely going to miss having the family all around me next week.  Its been really nice, I've been able to chill out and relax.

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  1. I'm glad your tummy is feeling better and I'm sorry this Thanksgiving didn't feel like a special day to you :( Hope it starts looking up!