Friday, September 17, 2010

Craziness in the Medical Field

I have found myself pretty busy this week.  I'm still on the doctor hunt though.  I feel like I am having a hard time pinning down just a regular doctor that will see me without charging me $500.  Apparently there are these groups/practices of doctors that charge you a private membership fee. It is not paid for by the insurance company.  I really don't understand the purpose of this.  And the lady didn't really take the time to explain the purpose to me.  I guess that is what happens when I try to make a doc in Palm Springs my primary.  I guess I'm just not rich enough.  I mean if you are going to try and make me pay an additional $500 to see the doc you should seriously try and sell me on it.  You got to make me feel like I'm missing out if I don't pay that $500.  Instead, I called TriCareWest and let them know that Dr. Stephen Steele charges his patients a "private membership fee"...annually!  All I really wanted was a primary care provider so I can make an appointment and get a referral to see an Ob/Gyn.  Well, actually, a particular Ob/Gyn.   Advanced Women's Healthcare.  I think I would seriously do anything to see them! I have had a few conversations with some of their receptionists and they are amazing! Accommodating, and they can get me in same day when I have a problem.  I already love them.  Luckily with my many conversations this morning with TriCareWest I was informed that if I go see them for my annual I don't need a referral! (cue in heavenly angels singing and trumpets) So I got my appointment! And its not months away! I'm so happy!! So now I just need to get knocked up and then they can be my OB providers. I'm really optimistic about my appointment.  I will be seeing a NP (nurse practitioner), which is awesome, someone with a nursing point of view.  She has 10 years as an RN in OB before she went back for her masters. I really hope it goes well, and of course I will be here to blog about it afterwards.  I don't have a bunch of followers, but a few other wives from 29 follow me, so it's kind of nice to be able to let other wives know about good docs, because there is really not much around here.  On that note, I should let everyone know how helpful TriCareWest has been.  Their phone operators have been awesome.  They're polite and they are all consistent.  I really feel like they are on my side and trying to help me out.
So off I go, I set a deadline to finish my goals for today, and I'm still not done.  I guess I have until midnight! Oh! And tomorrow is my honeymoon!

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